Our name drives our story.

Dynargie combines the DYNAMISM of the manager with the ENERGY of the team. As managers we need to direct our dynamism towards fulfilling an objective or a strategy by tapping the energies and talents of our teams in an “eco-friendly” way. As a concept, Dynargie represents a way of managing, of leading, and interacting with others. 

At a time when the traditional image of the manager was that of the top-down decison-maker, our founders, Gilbert Serfaty and Philippe Graff, drawing on thier diverse professional experiences from around the world and across different industries, concluded that it was time to start developing people and organisation using a different approach. This new approach involved management through engagement by encouraging co-ownership of objectives and strategies, listening to others, and respecting  different perspectives and ideas. Thus the Dynargetic Management approach was born.

In order to scale thier approach and deliver value around the world, Gilbert and Philippe developed a consistent pedagogy, professional mindset, and brand identity that allows us to deliver the same level of service and achieve results no matter the geography or industry of our clients. This is our promise! This is our value!


Our development approach concentrates not on the “what” but on the “how.” You will never hear a Dynargie consultant explain what empowerment means. Instead, through our training we will show our clients “how” to empower thier teams through meaningful engagement and interactions.

With offices in three continents, we aim to be a big network of small Dynargie offices and not a small network of big offices. This ensures that while we deliver consistent outcomes, our approach is tailored to the local context.


The Dynargie approach always involves spending time to get to know our clients and their businesses so that we can connect our expertise to your corporate culture and specific needs. Our interactions with our clients never end with the specific engagement and always include personaised follow-up by our senior consultants.

With offices in 3 continents, across 15 time zones, we are able to deliver solutions in 10 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Bahasa and Arabic. Although our offices are deeply rooted in their local communities, we share expertise and resources in order to deliver the optimal solutions to our clients.



Why Dynargie


At Dynargie we aim to continuing growing our network by partnering with like-minded professionals from countries and regions where we do not yet have a presence. If after reading our story, you are inspired to become part of the Dynargie network then please do contact us.

. Do you believe in the Human Side of Business?
. Do you have the mindset of an entrepreneur?
. Do you have courage?
. Do you believe in the importance of empathy?
. Do you have a positive attitude?
. Do you have a strong local network?
. Do you want your business to be part of a global network?
. Do you prefer dealing with the "How" rather than the "What" of soft-skills development?

If you’ve answered YES to ALL of these questions, don’t contact us immediately. We value long term relationships, with shareholders, partners, clients, staff, suppliers, and all of our stakeholders. If you believe that you fulfill these criteria, please revisit these questions in a couple of days. And if once again the answer is YES to almost ALL of them, then it’s time to contact us and start thinking of writing a new chapter in your entrepreneurial biography.



We get energized every time we combine our accumulated network experience to help individuals, teams or companies acquire proven behavioral tools to succeed.



Our values guide our work and shape our interactions with our clients and colleagues. They help us solve problems and address dilemmas. Through our values, we aim to develop a shared identity with our clients.



To face facts with realism and honesty, to admit mistakes, to take decisions. A fundamental attitude when we want to evolve and change


To put ourselves in the place of another person by the conscious effort to feel their needs as if they were our own. An attitude which aids the analysis and interpretation of the context which surrounds us.


To assure the systematic search for rigour in all details, in every moment, with all of our interlocutors. A vital attitude which promotes excellence.


To construct, to improve, to think ahead, to find solutions, to see obstacles as springboards for improvement. A universal attitude found in the culture of a winning company.