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With more than 235 years of existence and governed by principles of Integrity, Honesty, Justice, and Perseverance, Takeda is today the 1st pharmaceutical company in Japan and the 15th largest global company in the prescription drugs market. It is the 7th largest pharmaceutical group in Brazil.


Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, it is present in more than 70 countries, with more than 700 products on the market and more than 31 thousand employees. Research-oriented, it now has the 7th largest pipeline among global pharmaceutical companies.


Meanwhile, its commitment to fight to provide better health care for people around the world is built upon its leadership in drug innovation.




Takeda has adopted a culture of placing the patient at the core of its business decisions, which has created the need for its commercial Consumer Health Care (CHC) team to develop a new mindset and new competencies.

This positioning demanded a more comprehensive performance and the construction of long-term relationships with clients, which required the team to change from an operational behavior, focused on day-to-day actions, to a more strategic attitude.

The company also needed this team:

  • To have more autonomy and the ability to propose customized and segmented solutions
  • To broaden its competencies in order to better influence and persuade customers
  • To develop planning and time management skills
  • To be able to create business plans to leverage the opportunities identified in each client

The biggest challenge was to get the professionals out of their comfort zone and bring them into this new scenario, in which they would commit to the necessary changes to achieve the desired results.




The Country Manager of the Commercial Team, Gilberto Fermino, contracted Dynargie to support him in the implementation of this project. For him, it was necessary to “broaden the view of the Key Account Managers, step outside the status quo box, to seek to understand, to comprehend and to integrate the most important KPIs to our customers’ businesses, allying them with Takeda’s, broadening the perception of clients as business partners, becoming Best In Class in the eyes of customers.

Dynargie customized a training and transformation program called Sales Academy, in which they apply:


  • The BE SAY DO® tool to map the team’s current mindset and identify the ideal mindset necessary to make the group change its behavior and sustain it.
  • Planning and Priority Management; program focused on developing the ability to set goals and design a plan for its reach while ensuring the proper management of the priorities along the way.
  • Training for an Effective Sale; based on the recycling of the techniques of sales or marketing approaching, outlining them as a process in which both parties needs must be attended.
  • Custom Sale; in which we go beyond the traditional techniques and enable professionals to consciously use trading styles fit for the client’s needs.
  • Influence and Persuasion; we work to build trustworthy relationships between all parties involved in a process of negotiation.
  • Emotional intelligence; we raise awareness about the influence of emotions on personal and professional daily life to monetize the power of Emotional Intelligence in different business contexts.
  • Trade Simulation Game; real business situations in which professionals put the concepts they learned at the Academy into practice.



Up until now, the Sales Academy has trained 35 professionals of the CHC division.

To Gilberto Fermino, National Sales Force Manager, the results in relation to the change in attitude, the adoption of new postures and business effectiveness within the new scope proposed by the company can be summarized as follows:

We were facing a great challenge in conducting our Business Meetings (BM–  main event of performance sharing between Takeda and its clients) with customers in a productive way, showing and dealing with issues relevant to the customer and to Takeda. Today we are able to engage all key people and decision makers in the event, motivating very productive discussions about Takeda’s performance and of its clients, integrating key KPIs and aligning plans for the future, adjusting the routes to achieve agreed financial goals.

We are seen as the main business partner in the sales channels where our team operates, and the testimonials from our clients show that we are already on the Top 10 list, changing the previous perception that we were among the Top 10 worst partners.

About Dynargie

Dynargie is a dynamic management consulting and training company dedicated to influencing and managing positive change in both people and organizations.

Founded in Switzerland in 1982, we operate in diverse cultures spread over 10 countries and 11 languages. Through our unique training and consulting methods on business behaviors and mindset, delivered by our multidisciplinary consulting teams, we help transform difference into agreement, and make individuals and organisations more productive.