Combining Traditional and Modern Training Methodologies, Dynargie Helps OGMA Build a Proactive and Cohesive Management Team

Established in 1918, OGMA is a leading Portuguese aeronautical company, offering a complete portfolio of services for defense, commercial and executive aviation. With more than 1,700 employees, they manufacture and maintain aircraft, and supply integrated services to OEMs. They are proud to be involved in some of the most outstanding aeronautics programmes, supplying companies like Boeing, Embraer, Dassault, Airbus Military, Lockheed Martin, Pilatus Aircraft, AgustaWestland and Eurocopter.



In their 85th year, a new era in OGMAs history began when the government of Portugal made a decision to privatise the company almost in its entirety. At that time, a major drive was initiated to make the company efficient on a world-class scale and to expand into even more markets than those already explored.

OGMA was in the midst of a cultural transformation process. Over a three-year period, alone, they implemented a 46% change in leadership. Since they had brought in so many leaders from the outside, they needed to develop homogenous leadership competencies that aligned their longer-term leaders with their new hires. They also needed to:

  • Endow the company with robust leadership skills that enable team development and the advancement of the companys strategic plan for greater efficiencies and growth.
  • Increase employee compliance and commitment to the company`s growth challenges.
  • Develop a culture of openness to learning, one that focuses on results and going the extra mile.


In Portugal, as in most cultures, discussions about corporate change take people outside of their comfort zones. OGMA needed to work on the commitment of their people and make them believe in their strategic plan, even though the results might not be seen for 5-10 years. OGMA wanted to be stronger than any of their competitors and they needed to have their people on their side to do this.


In 2013, Ana Guimarães, Human Resources Director at OGMA, was the first director hired to implement the transformation. She brought Dynargie on board to help. Guimarães comments, “Dynargie is different from other companies I`ve used in the past. They take a pragmatic approach with a high applicability level.” She goes on to say, “They allowed us to choose several methodologies, the more traditional ones, complemented by the people management simulator, which everyone enjoyed very much. We didn`t want the same approach. It was important to have surprises and new approaches.”

Dynargie applied their Dynergetic People Management (DPM) programme to OGMA`s organisational layers, focusing each group on different approaches within the main methodology. DPM is a 5-Day programme teaching managers to work with a 360° perspective. It equips them with a powerful toolkit of communication and negotiation skills to successfully manage their teams, superiors, colleagues, clients and external stakeholders.

The Dynargie consultants understood OGMA`s challenges and adapted their delivery to OGMA`s needs. They used positive feedback, a results-oriented approach, and personalised their programme to allow the leaders to develop their ability to adapt to their different team members.

The participants also needed to learn how to apply their new skills in realistic scenarios, so the consultants created sessions where the training was tested and gave the participants immediate feedback. Dynargie worked with not only OGMA`s leadership team, but also their engineers, to give them the tools to work effectively with their teams, their managers, their peers and with the outside world.


Dynargie gave OGMA`s leaders and engineers the tools and skills to drive the company to carry out their strategic plan for greater efficiencies and growth. Dynargie helped them align the people who have vital roles in the plan`s success, by helping them to speak a common language and focus on results.

Dynargie taught OGMA a new vision, a new way of managing people, and a new way of working in teams. To date 219 OGMA employees have benefited from Dynargie`s programmes:

  • 57 in Dynamic Management
  • 99 in “Quadros Dynérgicos”
  • 10 in “Supervisores Dynérgicos”
  • 29 in Personalised Leadership
  • 24 in Mood Explosion – the leadership simulator.


“The participants rated the programmes highly at every level, praising the applicability of the training, the knowledge of the trainers and the methodology,” comments Guimarães. Although they started with a small group within a very large organisation, OGMA is continuing to roll out more Dynargie training programmes across more divisions.

Guimarães concludes, “The combination of Dynargie`s more traditional methodology with the leadership simulator engaged our leaders and will have a lasting effect. Our people are excited about future trainings with Dynargie.”

About Dynargie

Dynargie is a dynamic soft skills consulting and training company dedicated to influencing and managing positive change in both people and organizations. Founded in Switzerland in 1982, Dynargie operates in diverse cultures spread over 10 countries (from Jakarta to Sao Paulo) and in 11 languages. Through their unique training and consulting methods delivered by a multidisciplinary consulting team, Dynargie helps transform difference into complementarity, and makes individuals and organizations more productive.