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Mood Explosion

Mood Explosion is a web based simulator where you will have the opportunity to apply the leadership tools you have learned, test their impact on different indicators and adjust your approach according to each team member profile.

How good are your team management skills?

Dynargie is a dynamic management consulting and training company dedicated to influencing and managing positive change in both people and organizations. Founded in Switzerland in 1982, we operate in diverse cultures spread over 10 countries and 11 languages. Through our unique training and consulting methods delivered by our multidisciplinary consulting team, we help transform difference into agreement, and make individuals and organizations more productive.



What is the Mood Explosion Company?

Mood Explosion is an event organising company of the Mood Group. The nature of your activity often tests how well you perform under pressure, as well as your ability to handle unforeseen circumstances.

Contact with the outside is essential; therefore Internet access, e-mail, mobile, on-line purchases... are some of the tools at your disposal.

Management at Mood Explosion will be alert to your performance by giving you some situations to validate and by monitoring your performance reports.

Mindpal will always be at your side, it’ll be your conscience to help you reflect on alternatives and make the necessary decisions...