Our name drives our story.

Dynargie is the mix between the DYNAMISM of the manager and the ENERGY of the people. We as managers should keep all the dynamism to fulfill an objective or a strategy through optimizing in an “eco-friendly” way all the energy and talent that we have inside the company. Therefore Dynargie is in fact a very strong concept as it represents a way of managing, of leading, of living. It´s a company mindset. How come this name? Due to the great experience of our two founders, Gilbert Serfaty and Philippe Graff, who collected different professional experiences, in different places of the world, from different industries and with different leaders, they concluded that it was time to start developing people and companies under this approach.

Inspired by the leadership mindset at that time - that was based on the idea that being a manager was to be directive -, managers were supposed to decide alone. It was time to provide managers with alternatives and it was when the strong “What do you propose?” appeared: listening to others, optimizing different perspectives and ideas. The Dynargetic Management approach was born: the reconciliation of these two ways of facing business challenges.

To do it well both founders had the vision of brand consistency. To achieve it, Dynargie’s major mission was to develop a strong pedagogy that no matter the region, we were always able to deliver the same value. Because of this strong rationale and consistency, professionals could immediately put them into practice.



Still a challenge: managers didn’t have time and were expecting to have tools to use this Dynargetic Management. Therefore, we concentrate all our development approach not on the “what?” but on the “how?”. We never explain what empowerment is. We train “how” to conduct a meeting if the objective is to empower someone.

Now we are spread in 3 continents and we want to be a big network of small Dynargie offices and not a small network of big offices assuring that we can deliver soft skills projects. By doing this we assure that no matter where, no matter the culture, the type of company or industry, we deliver the same level of consistency, with the same impact at clients’ level: It is worth it, it works with Dynargie!

That´s why we have only one choice: to be consistent, no matter the Dynargie office, the consultant, the product, the method, at simplicity and effectiveness level. Being that so, our clients will always recommend us. This is our promise! This is our value!


You’re never far from a Dynargie experience that has been moulded in 3 continents, 15 time zones and 11 languages. Benefiting from a multi-national environment we assure a local approach by solving complex problems through simple solutions.

We can connect our expertise to each client’s specific situation and corporate culture; experts who develop professionals delivering soft skills projects whether training, facilitation, coaching or consultancy. Our global dynargetic approach includes personalised follow-up conducted by senior consultants, bringing - since 1982 - years of experience in managing teams in medium-sized to large global companies.

Why Dynargie


Probably after having read Our Story, you are inspired by it and you want to be one more inside the worldwide Dynargie team helping us keeping writing the future of this sustainable company. 

You should know that…

We are spread in 3 continents and we want to be a big network of small Dynargie offices and not a small network of big offices assuring that we can deliver soft skills projects it does not matter where, it does not matter the culture, the type of company or industry, with the same level of consistency, with the same impact at client’s level. And we want to grow through local partners. 
Do you still have questions about joining this incredible project?

Let us help you:
. do you believe in the power of the Human Side of Business?
. do you have an entrepreneur mindset?
. do you have courage?
. do you have a positive attitude towards life? 
. do you believe in the power of empathy?
. do you have a great network to speed up your business in your country?
. would you like to have your own business daily supported by a team of colleagues from other countries?
. do you prefer the How side of the soft skills development rather than the What side of it?
If you’ve answered YES to ALL these questions, don’t contact us immediately. We value long term relationships, with shareholders, partners, clients, staff, suppliers, with all of our stakeholders. If you fulfill these criteria, please answer again all the questions in a couple of days. And if once again the answer is YES to almost ALL of them, then it’s time to contact us and start thinking of writing a new chapter in your entrepreneur biography. Dare to dream!



We get energized every time we combine our accumulated network experience to help individuals, teams or companies acquire proven behavioral tools to succeed.



These are our guiding believes that we strive to serve every day. They help us in dilemmas and help us interact our people and partners. When our clients feel them too, we know we have a shared identity.



To face facts with realism and honesty, to admit mistakes, to take decisions. A fundamental attitude when we want to evolve and change.

"To be part of a worldwide team that daily challenges its Clients believing that"

Cristina Passos, Dynargie Portugal


To put ourselves in the place of another person by the conscious effort to feel their needs as if they were ours. An attitude which aids the analysis and interpretation of the context which surrounds us.

"Openness and willingness to understand the view, needs and feelings of another person and respecting him in this. It is not about agreement or disagreement, but purely about seeing it and understanding a person from his own perspective"

Djoko Murdjono, Dynargie Indonesia


To assure the systematic search for rigour in all details, in every moment, with all of our interlocutors. A vital attitude which promotes excellence.

"To be confident that our delivery is coherent and consistent all over the world"

Cristina Passos, Dynargie Portugal


To construct, to improve, to think ahead, to find solutions, to see obstacles as trampolines. The transversal attitude of spirit and in the culture of a winning company.

"learning and iterate approaches until they create meaning and impact"

George Moraitis, Dynargie Greece