When Dynargie was confronted with this year’s unavoidable demand, “remote work” – our priority was very clear: To ensure that our unique offering – the Dynargie experience - remains unchanged when delivered online.

The challenge was very demanding as our methodology is known for being provocative, experiential, dynamic; all the ingredients that, somehow, risk losing their power when both sides get ‘behind’ a screen.

Our I&D internal team started working immediately on the (re)design of the training experience. Using innovative technical solutions and transformation strategies, we managed to adapt our methodology in order to ensure the same level of impact – before, during and after the training session. The fact that Dynargie is an international network of 13 countries did contribute in a decisive way to put into play several multicultural forces to build Dynargie remote development experience: YONDY!

What is YONDY?


It is an experience (not only a reflection moment)

It builds a two-way relationship (both sides have to be engaged)

It is impactful (dynamism and provocation remain untouched)


YONDY by Dynargie is a stimulating approach that brightens remote training with freshness and motivation. An approachable upbeat that spreads energy and engagement, converting the remote learning into an interactive and dynamic experience. YONDY dares to push the limits of knowledge and go beyond, shortening the distance between individuals online, humanizing connections. 


YONDY features:


In the training landscape where blended solutions seem to be the new norm, we do believe that YONDY stands out by integrating the human dimension before, during and after the training sessions. And we believe that the future is exciting!

Because businesses are made by people.

Because we do care about the human side of business.




Teresa Passos

Executive Board Member, Dynargie International