Soft Skills a click away

Soft Skills a click away

New times bring new challenges, with a common denominator: how to support people in the adjustments needed to better deliver results, while balancing the discomfort that is usually caused during transition phases.

Since our very beginning in Geneva, in 1982, Dynargie has been focusing and developing its know-how in the human side of business through evolving solutions. Listening to our clients’ needs and leveraging the experience of our 13 countries network around the world, we have managed to build a solid portfolio of innovative services. Based on our worldwide experience, we know that the more engaged and committed people are the easier management challenges seem to be accomplished.

We do believe that through developing people’s soft skills we can enable organizations to pursue their purpose in an “eco-friendlier” way.

Remote working that once seemed a distant prospect has abruptly turned into an everyday reality; and it will probably remain in our lives as the new tendency. What we know for sure, is that this new reality demands new ways of communicating, meeting, managing. To cope with it, we believe there are two extreme options: We either learn by trial and error or we ‘STOP’ and ‘LEARN’ how we must adapt more easily and quickly to the present circumstances.

Dynargie has been already implementing remote working tools and practices both internally and externally, delivering specific projects for clients to whom the ‘remote solution’ was already a need in the past.  

Given the experience we have been gathering from several industries, in different countries and in different formats (from face to face methods to distant interventions), we feel very optimistic in assuring the continuity of soft skills development now, with only just “a click away”!

How do we propose to implement the ‘soft skills a click away’? Under an ‘AND’ logic. We decided that our usual ‘classroom’ methodology, strongly based on participants’ interaction and active contribution, should also be easily applicable to remote projects! So, our proposition is to offer you a ‘remote training experience’ where the needed adaptations will not compromise our dynamism and involvement as part of Dynargie DNA.

Today, we are launching three programs in 13 countries around the world. These products will address specific needs that we are facing when working remotely:

  • Influencing a Remote Audience
  • How to manage Remote Teams
  • How to run Online Meetings


To learn more about the above programs you may visit our website:

Because, we always remain passionate about the ‘human side of business’!  


Teresa Passos

Executive Board Member, Dynargie International