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Crosscultural Communication

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Crosscultural Communication

"Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day." – Frances Hesselbein


      • There is no best culture. No right or wrong culture. All cultures are okay. They are just different.
      • Do you have an unconscious bias toward a culture?
      • You can’t change the culture when you visit a country
      • Five Cultural Dimensions to explore: a. Independent vs. Interdependent, Egalitarianism vs. Status, Risk vs. Certainty, Direct vs. Indirect, Task vs. Relationship
      • The trainer will talk to SAP and write practical role plays and case studies based on SAP needs.
      • High text and low text cultures
      • In what areas do we see culture clash?
      • A formula for success: awareness of other cultures, observe, ask questions, and adapt and modify.
      • Effective ways to deal with hierarchy
      • How to recognize who is just telling you want to hear. How to tell if a yes is really a yes
      • Saving facing and losing face in business relationships
      • Appropriate and inappropriate topics for conversation
      • How to persuade others in different cultures
      • Implications for virtual communication
      • What cultures are likely to speak up during your meetings and training programs?
      • Profiles on requested countries to make travel and work there easier
      • Why do some cultures embrace risk?
      • Are you able to transcend your cultural limitations?
      • An opportunity to practice role plays
      • Feedback from the trainer and an Action Plan
Date: The seminar will be open after your request.
Consultant: Jorge Cooper
Venue: Prague 5, Drtinova, Impact Hub
Duration: 2 days
Schedule: 9 am - 5 pm
Price: 14.000 CZK (+ VAT)
Please send your registration to a responsible person for Open seminars: info.cz@dynargie.com