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A digital tool that helps you eliminate the knowing – doing gap!

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About D Platform

D Platform is a unique tool that helps you carry your learning anywhere, anytime!

Create your personal development plan with Dynargie Digital Development Platform


See How It Works


See How It Works


Powerful Features

Memory Cards

Cards that contain basic training information, exercising the mental process of active recall


Access to all training documents


Your own personalized development plan


Powerful note taking features


Search through useful content using keywords


Interact with Dynargie Consultants and Training Participants 24/7


Addressing the Needs of our Clients

"The role of the Dynargie consultant is absolutely key: he/she needs to drive things pro-actively and bring added value to the participants"
"Participants most probably won’t go and visit by themselves any on-line resources we make available, they need to be stimulated by Dynargie to do so and the scenarios need to be appealing and challenging"
"Participants need to get reminders of their next module’s schedule and assignment"
"In the workshop, we need to get access to the result of the workshop. We also want to know the ideal profile result built in the classroom"
"Automatically record the dashboard progress of participants that fill in the questioners"
"I take this digital platform initiative positively because it will create an integrated data for the client and Dynargie, and it’s paperless"
"When participants fill in the documents during the training or workshop, they wish to have some kind of taxonomy, so that they could retrieve or gain insight from overall population and see what is the major area of improvement"
"We need all in one place and updated info"
"We need the platform to address the needs of people that are normally not heard"